Ladder Drag

This Ladder Drag is used to take the air out of new, deep snow.  It's 10' long and 5' wide.  It's made from 1' angle iron.  The five "rungs" are mounted like an inverted "V" so the snow flows over them to take the air out.  It also cuts thru and helps to level the drifts that often form during heavy snow falls.

Depending on conditions, this drag can be pulled with the straight tongue shown in the picture (that lifts the front of the drag slightly for easier pulling in deep snow) or the "Z" tongue shown in the leveling drag pictures (that keeps the front of the drag lower when the snow isn't quite so deep). 




The small wings on the sides clean up the ridges left on the trail by the edges of the drag.  The runners on the sides stick down into the snow to keep the drag tracking straight.

On the last rung, there's a piece of angle iron mounted like an upright "V" that packs the snow before the hinged comb on back.  This doesn't leave a "professional" finish on the trail, but it is ski-able for a few days and reduces the number of grooming passes needed after a big snow fall.