Leveling Drag


This is a new version of the Leveling Drag.  It's similar to the wooden one, but it's made out of steel so it should be more durable.  It's 10' long and 5' wide. 


Some of the features on this drag:

  • A "Z" Tongue on the hitch that pulls the drag from a lower angle and keeps the front on the snow

  • Four angled cutters to scrap off the high spots and fill in the low spots on the trail

  • Cutting teeth in the middle that are raised and lowered with an electric actuator and are spring loaded to work the snow better and protect them from impact

  • Runners on the sides that stick down into the snow to keep the drag tracking straight

  • A white plastic scoop on the back that collects excess snow and distributes it to the low spots

  • A comb that is connected to the drag with hinges so it follows the trail surface

  • A track setter that is raised and lowered with an electric actuator

  • Lights on the back for night grooming

This drag not only levels the trail, but because it works the snow 6 times (4 angled cutters, the straight bar under the scoop, and the comb) it packs the trail very tight.


This drag works best:

  • On a tightly packed trail with 2-3" of new cold/dry snow

  • After several snow falls and groomings that result in a soft trail

This drag does not work in:

  • Deep fresh snow

  • Warm weather when the snow is sticky

"Z" Tongue

Front View

Rear View


Side View


Comb & Lights



The track setter uses a fiberglass rod for down force, which also flexes to the side to allow the track setter to track smoothly on curves.  It's mounted on a square tube on the drag and can be positioned in any of four mounting tubes by pulling one pin.  The indicator rod on the track setter allows quick and accurate adjustments of the down force on the track setter.


Track Setter Up

Track Setter Down