Tidd Tech Roller

The Tidd Tech Roller originally came with a white plastic drum.  It worked fine, but after a few years the plastic dried out and became brittle (from sitting in the sun in the summer) and eventually it cracked.  I removed the plastic and replaced it with a 24" double wall plastic culvert.

The culvert works great, but the deep grooves in the culvert leave a lot of loose snow on the trail.  After using the roller the trail had to be groomed again to make it ski-able.

I added the comb and track setter on the back of the roller so the trail is now ski-able after using just the roller.  It doesn't leave a "professional" finish on the trail, but it is ski-able for a few days and reduces the number of grooming passes needed after a big snow fall.  

The levers and steel rods with springs lift the comb and track setter up off the snow and apply down-force to pack the trail tight and set tracks.


Original Plastic

Comb & Track Setter "Up"

Comb "Down"

Track Setter "Down"