Wing on Skandic

This "Wing" attaches to the hitch, and the levers attach to a frame I built on the rear rack of the Skandic.

It can be raised and lowered while sitting on the seat of the Skandic, and the levers "lock" it in the down position to apply down force on the comb using springs on the steel rods. 

The wing is 4' wide when the extensions are folded up and 6' wide with both extensions down.

Wing Frame

Wing "Up"

Wing "Down"

Wing "Locked"

Wing "Folded Up"


The track setter uses an electric actuator to raise and lower it and a white fiberglass rod for down force:

  • The track setter mount can be positioned on the left side, in the middle, or on the right side, by placing it in one of the three steel tubes on the wing by pulling one pin.

  • The track setter mount has a steel rod and a white fiberglass rod attached.

  • The steel rod carries the weight of the track setter when it is up.

  • The loop on the end of the steel rod moves up and down the orange indicator rod to indicate how much down force is applied to the track setter.

  • The white fiberglass rod flexes and applies down force when the track setter is on the snow.  It also flexes sideways to allow the track setter to track smoothly around curves in the trail.

Track Setter "Up"

Track Setter "Down"

Track Setter "Down Force"