2010 Yamaha Grizzly

I'm currently using this 2010 Yamaha Grizzly with Tatou 4S Tracks.  It's quite an impressive machine for grooming.  The tracks provide amazing traction, pulling power, and steering that out perform any snowmobile.  The upright driving position and power steering make it much more comfortable to drive.


It actually steers and pulls better with the plow on, so I usually leave it on when grooming.  The weight keeps the front tracks digging in and pulling.  The only drawback is the plow blocks the headlights somewhat, so I added a second set of headlights on top of the front cargo box.


I also added a weight peg on the front for when I don't have the plow on.  It can hold two 25 lb weights, and I have a 50 lb cast iron weight I put inside the front cargo box.


New Headlights

New Headlights

Weight Peg

Weight Peg with Weights


The plow also comes in handy to cut down snow banks at road crossings and drifts on the trail.  I do have to be careful though - at one road crossing the plow was a little too low as I drove off the road into the ditch.  Before I could react, the plow dug a hole 18" deep into the ditch, and of course the ATV followed it down.  I thought I was stuck, but I raised the plow and was able to drive straight ahead out of the hole I had created - with the drag on the back.  Amazing traction!


Switches on the dash:

  • In the middle are five switches for the left hand warmer, thumb warmer, right hand warmer, headlights and rear lights on the ATV, and grooming lights on the drag.  I put the hand warmers on separate switches because my right hand, which is always on the grip for the throttle, tends to stay warm, while my left hand, which is off the grip pushing switches quite a bit, tends to get cold.

  • Above and below the left grip are the switches to raise & lower and rotate the plow.  I positioned them so they can be easily operated with my hand on the grip.

  • On top of the gas tank are three switches for the actuators on the drag.

  • On the seat of the Grizzly is a portable wiring harness for the lights and actuators on the Tidd Tech.  It plugs into a 12 volt outlet and can be used on any atv or snowmobile.  I also use it in my shed and workshop with a 12 volt converter to test and adjust the actuators.


Wiring Harness


Some of my goofy "inventions":

  • The orange indicator rod on the plow has different colors of tape on it.  As the plow is raised and lowered, the indicator rod move up and down thru a small metal loop mounted on the front box that can be seen from the ATV.  Once the plow is at the correct height, I make a mental note of the color of tape at the metal loop.  This allows me to keep the plow at the right height when grooming and when plowing snow banks and drifts.

  • Chain saw boot on the front for branches and trees that fall in the winter.

  • It's hard to see, but on the front of the left rear fender there's a dark red fiberglass rod sticking up (it's actually a chimney cleaning rod).  It's in a small metal tube that holds it in place.  You can also see it in the picture of the Neoprene Flaps.  I pull this rod out of the metal tube and use it like a sword to knock snow off low hanging branches in front of the ATV so I don't get so much snow in the face!  No matter how many branches I cut in the summer, there are always NEW ones that sprout out every winter!

  • Around the running boards, I added neoprene flaps to keep the snow out, which tends to collect under and around my boots.  They have really make a difference - I don't have to stop and scrape the snow off the running boards so often (kudos to Arlyn Aronson for this great idea!!)

  • The wooden box on rear rack is for hauling tools and supplies.  I cut off the back 8" for improved visibility in the winter (and added the extra piece of plywood on back so stuff doesn't fall out).  The back part of the box bolts on for the summer (in the summer picture, you can see the line where the box is cut off).

  • I use the McCloud (the big "hoe" like tool) for cutting down snow banks and drifts.  With the plow, hopefully it will get less use!

  • A big loppers (orange handles sticking up in the middle) for those low hanging branches, and a wooden stick next to it that I use to clean snow, ice chunks, and branches out of the teeth on the drag and anywhere else that snow and "stuff" accumulates.  I also have a Silky Zubat handsaw and a small clippers for cutting small branches and brush.

Plow Up

Neoprene Flaps

Wooden Box in Winter

Wooden Box in Summer


On the back:

  • Rear lights.

  • Two color coded outlets for the actuators and lights on the grooming drag.

  • A 2" receiver hitch with a 12" extension so the tongues on the drags clear the tracks.  The vertical tube connects to the rear rack and is used to attach the wing on the back of the Grizzly.

  • Snow Flaps to keep snow off the back of the Grizzly and the drag.  Originally the snow flaps were going to be behind just each track, but filling in the middle was easy and cut down on the flying snow even more.



Snow Flaps

Snow Flaps Frame