Homemade version of the Tidd Tech Trail Tenderizer


This is my homemade version of the Tidd Tech Trail Tenderizer.  I built it 15 years ago, but have been modifying and adding to it ever since (and it's still not done!).  Some of the features I've added:

  • Electric actuators for the teeth, track setter, and front mount.

  • Goose neck hitch for the Skandic snowmobile.

  • Indicator Rods on the teeth and track setter. 

  • Snow sweeps that capture snow from the edge of the trail and move it to the middle.

  • Spring loaded teeth on the main bed and wings.

  • Spring loaded internal runners to keep the Tidd Tech tracking straight.  

  • Wings and flaps that fold-up inside the profile of the Tidd Tech.

  • Track setter that uses a fiberglass rod for down-force and can be positioned on the left or right side by pulling one pin.

  • Rear Stand & Lights on the back.

  • Front Mount that provides a common platform for attaching the front renovator, powder board, front tines, front rake, track renovator, and middle snow sweep.

I separated the frame and the bed of the Tidd Tech for some of the pictures.  This makes it easier to see some of the details, as the middle of the Tidd Tech has a lot of levers and bars. 


Electrical Setup

Gooseneck Hitch

Indicator Rods

Snow Sweeps

Spring Loaded Teeth

Internal Runners

Wings & Flaps

Track Setter

Rear Stand & Lights



Front Mount

Front Renovator

Powder Board

Front Tines

Front Rake

Track Renovator