Every year we plan a major project or two to constantly improve the trail and make it more user-friendly.  Some of the past projects include:

  • Lappe Bridge and clean-up around Ritchie Lake (2003)

  • Reroute south of Weix Creek (1996)

  • Digging Ponds to drain the trail south of Weix Creek (2003)

  • Weix Creek Bridge (1995)

  • Reroute west of the power lines (2002)

  • Improving the Park Drive crossing (1998)

  • Kiosk on Stone Lake Esker (2005)

  • Draining the hill south of Blomberg Bridge (1999)

  • New decking on western approach to Blomberg Bridge (2005)

  • Hultman Bridge and rerouting the trail off a private road (2003)

  • Beaumont Bridge at Helms Creek (2005)

  • Many small boardwalks

Lappe Bridge under Construction


The trail also requires constant maintenance:

  • Mowing grass, cutting brush, and picking rocks

  • Cleaning up storm damage

  • Improving signage

If you or your organization would like to volunteer to help maintain the trail, have ideas on how to improve the trail, or know of sources for funding, please contact us.


This is a great opportunity for civic minded groups and organizations to become involved in something that benefits many people from Wisconsin and beyond!


The Timm's Hill Trail has been a "work-in-progress" for many years.  We've made huge strides in creating a beautiful and user-friendly trail, and with your help we can continue our quest of providing one of the premiere trails in Wisconsin.


Email us at tht.info@timmshilltrail.com with questions or comments.