Mile 5


Mile 5 starts out on the powerline right-of-way, but quickly turns west down a steep hill.  A gentle climb leads to a beautiful view of Stone Lake, and then a short decent to Park Drive. 


After crossing Park Drive, the trail winds thru a mature hardwood forest, and then climbs to the southern end of the Stone Lake Esker.  Along the esker there is an eagles nest lookout and trail kiosk.  After a quarter mile the trail turns off the esker for a steep decent to a small creek that is spanned by Blomberg Bridge.  This 33 foot trestle bridge was constructed in 1904 by the Wisconsin Bridge and Steel Company.  Until 1970 it served as a highway bridge in the town of Rib Lake.  The Blomberg families were instrumental in reassembling the bridge at this site in 1986.


North of Blomberg Bridge there are two quick curves with gentle hills followed by a straight stretch that leads to a private road crossing and Mile Post #5.


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More Hills!!

Stone Lake

Up To Stone Lake Esker

Stone Lake Esker

Eagle's Nest

Stone Lake Esker Kiosk

Hill to Blomberg Bridge


Blomberg Bridge

Blomberg Bridge

Blomberg Bridge

Blomberg Bridge


Mile Post #5



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